Monday, January 26, 2009

Legalize Drugs to Eliminate Terrorists Income Source

We cannot bring the Taliban to its knees unless we deprive them of their principal source of income, drug money. Therefore we should legalize, medicalize and tax hard drugs (LMTD) (or copy Switizerland’s successful Fourfold Drug Policy). This will end the war faster than sending in troops and will add billions to the US Treasury. Look at the facts:

a) Our government has not been able to stop the flood of drugs into the USA despite spending $50 billion every year for the past 30 years;

b) Americans are spending over $65 billion yearly on drugs despite their illegality; and

c) The 50 billion spent trying to keep drugs out could be better spent educating Americans against drugs (just as we educate against alcohol and smoking)

d) Medicalizing access to drugs for addicts would reduce crime, thereby saving money usually spent on the criminal justice system and saving many lives.

e) Legalizing drugs would be an open admission of the fact that millions of Americans who use drugs are not criminals (just as those of us who drink alcohol are not considered criminals).

f) Legalizing & taxing drug sales would take billions away from terrorists whose principal source of support is drug sales; and best of all

g) Taxing drugs will put billions of dollars into the US Treasury and deprive the terrorists of their principal source of income.

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