Friday, January 16, 2009

Two obvious ways to fix/fund social security

Two obvious ways to fix/fund social security:

1. Do not pay out to people earning over $500,000/yr after retirement.
(Perhaps let them consider their payments tax deductable contributions to help the entire country.)

2. Lower the payroll taxes on 95% of workers. To pay for this realignment of funds, raise the payroll tax on workers earning over, say $500,000. (The cap at $102,000 is way out of date. The average NYC Fire Department worker now earns $180,000 and the average Municipal Worker earns $107,000 per NPR this morning; thus the $102,000 cap is way out of date). The percentage taken out for payroll taxes should increase exponentially on salaries over $500,000. You should know that people earning $250,000 in big cities are not rich; they can barely pay their mortgage and put the kids through school, so the hikes should start at $500,000 and make the % slide upwards exponentially after $500,000 and $1million etc.

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